Happy Tail: Twiglet and Rodney (formerly Mischief and Booger)

Two’s company, three’s a crowd, but four? Four just might be the magic number.

Emily hadn’t set out with the intention of having four rescue cats, it mostly just happened. First there was Edie, adopted from the Toronto Humane Society, then Spud, who had been abandoned. A third was clearly needed.

“We thought that getting them a little brother might give them someone to play with,” Emily says. She adopted Rodney (formerly Booger) as a kitten from the Annex Cat Rescue in 2018. Unfortunately, his older sisters didn’t dote on him as much as Emily had hoped. “Although the girls tolerated him, he clearly needed a younger playmate.”

Happy Tail: Twiglet and Rodney

So, it was back to the ACR for cat number four. Twiglet (formerly Mischief) caught her eye because of his similarity to Rodney. “We chose both boys because in their user pics, they had their mouths open yelling at the camera.” Emily also opted for a younger cat, out of the fear that an older male might be seen as a challenger to older girls Edie and Spud.

Happy Tail: Twiglet and Rodney

Twiglet and Rodney didn’t take too long to bond. “Rodney had had a bond with an older cat in his foster home but, despite trying to make the girls love him as much as he did them, he was a bit lonely,” Emily says. He was dying for a companion like Twiglet, who was feeling just as lonely after his brother had been adopted to a different family. “He was miserable until we let Rod into his room.”

Happy Tail: Twiglet and Rodney

Twiglet has adapted well to his new home, showing Emily and her husband his big personality ever since he was small. “Twig is a charming weirdo,” Emily says. “Since he was a kitten, he’s had a habit of deliberately sliding off furniture/laps onto his head, and he loves doing somersaults.”

Happy Tail: Twiglet and Rodney

Since the fourth cat was such a success, are they considering a fifth? Not likely. “I think four just tips the scales from ‘cat lover’ to ‘crazy cat lady,’” Emily says.

So, for her and Twiglet, four is the magic number.

-Jenn Reid

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