Happy Tail: Martine (formerly Buffy)

Martine (formerly Buffy) was brought to Ming-Ming, her generous ACR foster, by a lady who had found her among feral cats in her backyard. At just three weeks old, Martine was malnourished and not in the best condition. “The feral moms were not taking care of the kittens well, so we needed to intervene,” recalls Ming-Ming, a Veterinary Technician at the Yonge-Davenport Pet Hospital.

Happy Tail: Martine

After receiving veterinary care for a feline upper respiratory infection and lice, Martine settled into a peaceful 12-week period of fostering with Ming-Ming. “She was always a very sweet kitten, despite living outside the first few weeks of her life. She loved to snuggle with me, and was definitely my little shadow,” says Ming-Ming.

Happy Tail: Martine

“One morning I woke up to her tiny four-week-old body snuggled up against my neck.” After Martine repeatedly found her way onto the bed, Ming-Ming realized her tactic: resourcefully grabbing onto blankets and pulling herself up!

Happy Tail: Martine

Within just three short months, it was time for Martine to find her forever home. “She was very easy to get adopted because she was just so sweet,” says Ming-Ming. A kind ACR adopter, Audrey, took a liking to Martine and decided to adopt her.

Although Martine was a little scared and skittish when first adjusting to her new home, Audrey gave her plenty of patience. “She spent the entire first few days in my room. I had to move the litter around a few times to get her to use it, but she adapted pretty quickly,” recalls Audrey.

Happy Tail: Martine

Now more than a year old, Martine is described by her loving owner as healthy and strong. “She is just the most loving cat I have ever had!” exclaims Audrey. “She comes to cuddle every night with me on my bed. I bought her a stuffed dinosaur because I noticed that she likes carrying around small fluffy objects like our socks or slippers.” When she is not playing with her blue dinosaur, Martine loves grooming and playing with Audrey’s other cat, Margot. 

When reflecting on the joy Martine has brought into her life, Audrey notes the kitty’s emotional sensitivity: “Martine is such a great cat – I think she would be an excellent therapy cat because she loves everyone equally. I am super happy I rescued her,” she says.

Happy Tail: Martine

Ming-Ming is grateful for the fostering period she shared with the sweet girl, as well as ACR’s dedication to finding cats like Martine a home. “ACR will literally do everything in their power to get cats the medical care they need, which is important to me as someone who works in the veterinary profession,” says Ming-Ming.

“I’ve fostered for many different rescues, but ACR is always my favorite. Homeless and feral cats do not always get enough attention – ACR is helping to change that.”

-Amy Ellen Soden

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