ACR Board of Directors

Meet Annex Cat Rescue’s Volunteer Board of Directors for 2021-2022

Elizabeth Cabral

An advocate of all animals, Elizabeth Cabral has been entrenched in helping to combat Toronto’s feral and homeless cat problem since 2010 when she stumbled on her first colony. Her TNR efforts have resulted in hundreds of cats being sterilized and many finding forever homes. For the past 4 years Elizabeth has run one of ACR’s biggest fundraisers, STWM, with each year more successful than the last. Among many duties, Elizabeth also assists with booking vet appointments and bringing cats in for assessment/socializing as the Assessment Coordinator, a role that has given her the opportunity to let community cats show their true colours and become lovable pets.

Elizabeth is a Gemini/CSA Award–nominated picture editor with strong leadership, communication, and management skills. She also brings her experience from her 3-year term on the Board of the Toronto Humane Society to benefit ACR’s Board of Directors.

Julia Luo

Julia is a lifelong advocate for animal welfare. After relocating to Toronto from Vancouver a few years ago, she immediately joined ACR’s special events team as a volunteer and later became the event coordinator. So far she has successfully organized a number of events to raise funds and awareness for ACR.

Street cats have a special place in Julia’s heart as her first furbaby, Eeyore, was rescued as a semi feral kitten and is now the biggest cuddle bug! Julia believes that all cats deserve a loving home and hopes to show everyone how amazing these street cats are.

Elva Ma, TreasurerElva Ma

Elva is a small animal veterinarian working in downtown Toronto. She has volunteered with ACR as a foster parent since 2011, and has a great interest in shelter medicine, community sheltering, and initiatives to help reduce animal homelessness. Elva has a soft spot for senior kitties and has welcomed several into her home over the years, with her current resident being a sweet black kitty named Ivy. She looks forward to working with and learning from the dedicated team at ACR as a board member, and helping to improve the lives of homeless cats and community cats across the city.

Teena Dawson

Teena has a love for animals and has always had cats and dogs as pets.  When she was looking to volunteer with animals, a friend who is a feeder at a couple of Annex Cat Rescue colonies suggested she check out Annex Cat Rescue.  Her two cats, Crumpet (10 years old) and Muffin (4 years old) were adopted from Annex Cat Rescue when they were kittens so she thought it was a great idea!

In addition to volunteering at fundraising events, Teena has been a Social Media Volunteer since January 2018 and Communications Manager since September 2018 with Annex Cat Rescue.  Teena has been working in communication and education in the financial services industry, with a focus on planning for retirement, for more than 30 years.

Cary Mac Bay

Cary started volunteering with ACR as a feral feeder for the Kensington & Chinatown routes. She has also helped with trapping and fostering for Annex. She also been involved with managing three colonies. She works at a veterinary clinic and in her spare time she spends her time with her cats and watching movies and reading.

Cary is looking forward to being on the board with ACR helping homeless and stray cats in Toronto.