Board of Director Candidates

Annex Cat Rescue is managed by a board of five (minimum) to seven (maximum) directors who are elected at the Annual General Meeting.

To be eligible for election, candidates must have actively volunteered for Annex Cat Rescue for a minimum of:
• 6 months within the 12 months prior to the election, OR
• 18 months within the 3 years prior to the election.

The Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer are chosen by the directors from among the directors.

Directors shall direct the affairs of the Charity for a term of two years. A director may be elected to serve one additional term. After two terms, she/he must step down.

This year, there are six vacancies on the Board of Directors. The Board is recommending the following five candidates:

Elizabeth Cabral
Elizabeth Cabral is a Gemini/CSA Award–nominated picture editor whose strong leadership, communication, and management skills will benefit ACR’s Board of Directors. An advocate of all animals, Elizabeth has been entrenched in helping to combat Toronto’s feral and homeless cat problem since 2010 when she stumbled on her first colony; she now manages three cat colonies. Her TNR efforts have resulted in hundreds of cats being sterilized with many finding forever homes. She has fundraised, fostered and trapped for Annex Cat Rescue and currently serves as its Assessment Home Coordinator, a role that has given her the opportunity to let community cats show their true colours and become lovable pets.

Kim Hughes
Kim has played multiple roles during her tenure with ACR. Prior to being elected Chair in summer 2017, she served as Vice-Chair as well as Board liaison for ACR’s expanding roster of east end colonies, a role she maintains. Kim also feeds weekly at a longstanding Danforth-area colony and acts as ACR’s blog coordinator and is a frequent newsletter and website contributor.

Sarah McIntosh
Sarah has been volunteering with ACR since 2011 as a foster home and has fostered over 20 cats. So far, she’s successfully managed to part with all of them when the right person comes along. She has also been a feral cat feeder and an event volunteer, including participating in the annual Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon Charity Challenge. For the past two years, she has served as Treasurer.

Trish O’Hearn
Trish first got involved with ACR in 2014 when she started feeding at a west-end feral cat colony. She continues to feed at two east-end colonies where she considers each and every cat to be one of her own. She is a two-time foster failure and now shares her home with Jesse and Gervais, both of whom were rescued by ACR and have settled quite comfortably into their lives as indoor kitties of leisure.

Katie Phillips
Katie has been volunteering with ACR since 2016 as the medical coordinator for the foster team. In this role, she works with ACR’s wonderful foster homes and partner vets to organize any necessary medical care for our cats including annual vaccinations, spays/neuters, and emergency vet visits. Prior to her volunteer work with ACR, Katie spent 10 years working at various regular and emergency vets in Toronto as both an animal care attendant and receptionist. Katie currently shares her home with her two rescue cats, Neville and Spencer, who enjoy spending their time meowing for food and sleeping in sunbeams. In her spare time, she also enjoys reading, doing yoga, watching movies, and rock climbing.

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