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Happy Tails: Darcy (formerly Vlady)

To some, black cats are a harbinger of bad luck. To Fatima, they’re the perfect pets. Fatima already had one black cat, the shy and sweet Lola, and wanted a companion for her. Ideally, the new cat would be calm, mature, and easy to get along with, but most importantly, black. “But for me, it […]

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Happy Tail: Scotch & Agger

Found in a window well at just two weeks old, Scotch and Agger were rescued along with their four siblings and mother during Toronto’s spring 2018 kitten season. After being microchipped, neutered, and vaccinated upon rescue, the bonded ginger kittens were ready for fostering just a few weeks later and came into the care of […]

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Happy Tail: Oskar and Tilda

Canines in pet land feeling smug about their playtime capabilities had better watch their furry, adorable backs. Evidently, they’re not the only ones able to do cool tricks on command. “Oskar and Tilda fetch, just like some dogs do,” says adoptive mom Lesley about her beloved Tabby and Calico, respectively, who recently celebrated their one-year […]

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Happy Tail: Yuki and Kiki (formerly Kiyumi)

When Anna first met sisters Yuki and Kiki (formerly Kiyumi), she was quite captivated. Recently having an empty nest and upon moving into a new condo, she was looking to add kittens to her household. Having previously adopted a cat from Annex Cat Rescue, she knew it was the right place to look. Anna recalls […]

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Happy Tail: Pinto and Attila (formerly Apple and Blueberry)

Fostering is a family affair for Laura and Jeff, who have been fostering independently and together for about seven years. Jeff found the Annex Cat Rescue online years ago when he was looking for a pet but couldn’t yet commit to adopting. “I travelled a lot at the time and the fostering option was great […]

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Happy Tail: Old Man (formerly Chewy)

What began as one family’s hunt for another ginger cat ended when they saw a picture of a litter of kittens with polydactyl paws. Three grey and white brothers were in foster care after they had been found in a car junk yard without their mother in sight. As soon as Y.J. and family saw […]

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ACR will be at the CNE!

Heading to the CNE this weekend? Be sure to visit Café Soleil in the Enercare Centre, to celebrate the CNE’s 48th Annual Cat Show. There will be more than 125 cats from across Ontario that will be showcased in display and in competition.    The Annex Cat Rescue will have a booth at the show, […]

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Happy Tail: Grizzle

“Grizzle has led a prolific and resilient life,” Julianna says of the former Parkdale alley cat who stumbled into her friend’s backyard. “He was in rough shape. He had a broken jaw and a piece of wood was still embedded. And had so many other injuries too,” she recalls. Julianna knew she needed to help […]

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Happy Tail: Walter (formerly Bud)

When a new job required Beth to work out of the office more, she and her husband Dan started looking for a companion for their 10-week-old kitten, Lemon. After a friend shared their experience rescuing pets, a quick internet search led the couple to the Annex Cat Rescue and they arranged to meet a litter […]

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Happy Tail: The Fuzzies

After losing her cat a few years ago, Roxana decided she was ready to invite some furry friends back into her life. Not quite ready to adopt, she jumped on the opportunity to foster a pair of bonded cats, Mr. Fuzz and Fuzzy. Known collectively as “the Fuzzies,” they were living in a colony on […]

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