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Happy Tails: Caramel

Happy Tails: Caramel

If Caramel has shown adoptive mom Celina anything, it’s that even former colony cats can make “wonderful, wonderful pets” given patient socialization. Celina should know – she and Caramel are soon to celebrate 10 happy years together with no end in sight. Caramel first landed on Celina’s radar in 2007 when the B.C native was […]

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Happy Tails: Eva

Katie had been on the lookout for a companion for her super-friendly cat, Martin, when she came across Eva’s profile on Annex Cat Rescue’s website. Her good looks in her photo captured Katie’s eye and the fact she was looking for a home with another cat prompted Katie to arrange a visit to her foster […]

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Happy Tails: Simba

Tova had been working with Annex Cat Rescue for several years as a colony caretaker before she met Simba (briefly known as Oz). A friend contacted her about a rough-looking, middle-aged cat who had been living in a woman’s backyard for six years; the woman was tired of watching Simba freeze every winter. Simba first […]

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Happy Tail: Sidney

Happy Tails: Sidney

You never know how a little comment will change your life. Brian would not have guessed that the casual mentioning of getting a cat, five years ago, would set-off a chain reaction, bringing Sidney into his family. “A friend of mine had a girlfriend who worked in a dentist’s office and she had a patient […]

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Happy Tail: Ramona Flowers

Happy Tail: Ramona

Ask Jennifer the difference between adopting a cat from a rescue and from a shelter and she’ll tell you it’s akin to “having a baby with a GP or with a midwife”. “Midwives are a much better experience,” Jennifer laughs. So too was adopting Ramona Flowers from Annex Cat Rescue via foster mom Elizabeth, who […]

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Happy Tails: Felix

Happy Tails: Felix & Oscar

Aficionados of film or the theatre will quickly make the connection for the names Felix and Oscar. But The Odd Couple moniker doesn’t fit this story well. A better title? The Three Musketeers. Felix, a street kitten who was orphaned after his mother was killed, was being fostered by an ACR volunteer before he was […]

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Happy Tails: Martha – Another Diamond in the Rough

Happy Tails: Martha with mouse

“Martha is another diamond in the rough,” recalls Nancy, Martha’s adoptive mother. “She was very nervous when we brought her home. But she’s had a pretty hard life.” Little Martha had been rescued from a cat hoarder three years ago. At the age of one, she had already had a litter but painful mastitis played […]

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Cat Safety 101: Holiday Edition

Molly the cat in a tree

While the holidays may be a time of joy and celebration for us, they can be fraught with intrigue and danger for our feline friends. And no wonder, with so many new sights, sounds, and smells to investigate; our curious companions are bound to explore. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with this super-easy, […]

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The Artisans’ Gift Fair at the Tranzac

Annex Cat Rescue will once again be participating in The Artisans’ Gift Fair at the Tranzac Club. Please come visit our table & purchase quality handcrafted gifts for your furry friends! Your purchases will benefit ACR cats in need of a forever home. Our volunteers will be happy to help you find a purrrfect gift for […]

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Happy Tails: Emo

The amazing 18-year-old who just won’t quit… Most people know what love feels like. But if you want to know what love sounds like, ask Laura a question or two about her beloved 18-year-old cat Emo. The owner of the “most awesome black cat ever” – who was adopted as a nine-week-old kitten through Annex […]

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