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Happy Tails: Rosie (formerly Beauty)

Happy Tails: Rosie

Rosie has had quite the journey, initially being surrendered to Toronto Animal Services with her brother Bashful from a man claiming they lived in his garage. Soon after, Rosie and her brother were taken to be fostered by an ACR volunteer. Both were quickly adopted into separate homes, but Rosie’s timidness to her new surroundings […]

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Happy Tails: Tuukka and Mikko (formerly Glen and Baillie)

HappyTails: Tuukka & Mikko

Little Glen and Baillie were found on Glen Baillie Place in Chinatown, with two other all-black siblings. When they first met their foster dad Jeff Moon, they were only tiny kittens, but already their respective personalities had started to emerge. Jeff says, “Glen is the tougher of the two and more of the explorer, and […]

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Happy Tails: Fanta & Creamsicle (now Jam Jam & Catsby)

Happy Tails: Fanta & Creamsicle

Veronica can’t have cats of her own because she’s highly allergic. But her love of animals is stronger than the worst allergies, so every now and then she takes anti-allergy medication and fosters kitties for a few weeks at a time. Summer is the best time for her because of the air, and last summer […]

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Happy Tails: August


August, more majestically referred to as Prince August the 13th, was adopted by Elizabeth Taylor roughly 2 years ago. Today, at almost 3 years of age, August has a very special place in Elizabeth’s home. She describes him as a very sweet and loving mama’s boy who loves to snuggle with her and her kids […]

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Happy Tails: Hunter and Kasper (formerly Jinxie)


After her cat of 16 years passed away, Gabrielle B. wasn’t sure if she was ready for a new pet just yet. Having been together for the cat’s entire life, it was hard to move on. But her daughter was eager for a new pet, so they began looking through Annex Cat Rescue’s website based […]

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Happy Tails: Dorothy (Formerly Minnie)

Minnie, a white beauty with grey tabby patches and green eyes, is a brave little soul who showed her love for people early on, despite her rough start in life. Found in an abandoned warehouse in Mississauga, Minnie was placed in ACR’s Trap-Neuter/Spay-Return (TNR) program and scheduled for release to a colony. However, while recovering […]

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Happy Tails: Frank Sinatra & Sammy Davis Jr (formerly Riley and Wendell)

Happy Tails: Frank

While brothers Frank and Sammy are not from New York, New York, they were destined to be the stars of Rusa’s life. Abandoned and living outdoors, Riley and Wendell were rescued from the banks of the Gatineau River north of Ottawa, by a wonderful woman named Cindi. She brought them into her home and cared […]

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Happy Tails: Hobbes

Hobbes isn’t like most cats. For one thing, says owner Susannah Brower, he plays fetch. “If I throw a toy mouse, he’ll bring it back pretty much as many times as I do it,” she says. “He actually initiates it. I didn’t teach him. He just did it.” And he’s unusually laid back—almost un-catlike in […]

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Remembering Patty Brown, and why her ACR legacy is worth emulating…

There’s a quote often attributed to the great Renaissance artist and polymath Leonardo da Vinci: “The smallest feline is a masterpiece.” Even if it’s not da Vinci’s quote, such a learned man would likely run with it anyway, agreeing that there is something magical—otherworldly even—in the beauty and grace of cats. It’s something Patricia Carroll […]

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My Happy Tail of Adopting an Older Cat – Jasmine

When I first walked in to Jasmine’s foster home a few months ago, I was ready to meet a sweet, shy cat of five and a half years. Her foster mom, Holly, had warned me before my visit that Jasmine would likely hide and may not be as excited to see me at first—as an […]

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