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Run or walk for homeless cats!

**We are very excited to report that every dollar raised up to $20,000 will be matched! *** For the fourth year in a row, ACR has entered a team in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon Charity Challenge that includes a 5km run/walk, a half marathon and a full marathon. Last year Team ACR was 40 […]

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Don’t look past a cat just because it’s not a kitten…

Cats come in all shapes and sizes, from gorgeous ginger to brilliant black. Sometimes, they also come with special needs like daily medication. Some are older, some are timid, some bear the scars of homelessness. What unites ACR cats is their ability to love given half a chance. Don’t look past a cat just because […]

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Sam’s Story

Sam in his colony

Meet Sam. Sam had been living in an Annex Cat Rescue colony for a few years, where ACR volunteers fed and interacted with him daily. Because Sam was so friendly and showed signs of being open to human contact, ACR volunteers decided he would be a good candidate to be fostered and adopted. It can […]

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My Happy Tail of Adopting an Older Cat – Jasmine

When I first walked in to Jasmine’s foster home a few months ago, I was ready to meet a sweet, shy cat of five and a half years. Her foster mom, Holly, had warned me before my visit that Jasmine would likely hide and may not be as excited to see me at first—as an […]

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Happy Tails: Georgia and Gloria (formerly Peggy Sue and Betty Ann)

Peggy Sue and Betty Ann, now referred to as Georgia and Gloria, were adopted by Elizabeth and her family as tiny kittens from Annex Cat Rescue. Gloria, assertive and forthright in her position as queen of the house, is the dominant one of the pair. In contrast, Georgia is rather laidback and relaxed in roaming […]

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Happy Tails: Ted (formerly AK)

Happy Tails: Ted aka AK

As Axl Rose once said: All we need is just a little patience. (Apologies to anyone under the age of 20.) But as it turns out, patience was the key in the bond formed between Kate Forest and her ACR adopted cat, Ted. Ted, formerly A.K., was a feral kitten, about six to eight weeks old, captured […]

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Happy Tails: Patches

Happy Tail: Patches

When Patches showed up in Kirsten Niles’ Facebook feed in January 2013, it was love at first sight. Niles had already adopted another cat, Nyx, a few months earlier. But as a resident at an obstetrics and gynecology clinic, she didn’t feel like she had enough free time to spend with her new furry friend. That’s when her […]

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Happy Tails: Lucy

It was love at first sight for Lucy and her forever mom Padra McIntosh—but before they met, this kitten had conquered numerous obstacles, all while looking adorably cute. Lucy and her brother Linus were best friends when they were rescued by ACR in 2012. Foster mom Catherine Wood took the pair in after they both […]

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Happy Tails: Charlie (formerly Stumpy)

Happy Tails: Charlie aka Stumpy

Charlie’s ability to overcome all odds has finally found him his forever home—he has become an integral part of the Battle family. In December 2013, a feral cat showed up on Jennifer A’s porch with a badly infected tail and a very unusual walk. Assumed feral, Stumpy—as he was then known was taken to a […]

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Happy Tails: Cosette

Sweet Cosette the tabby spent her kitten and adolescent years on the Toronto streets. It’s thought that she was born in a barn and adjusted to outdoor life as a feral cat. When she was found by ACR in 2012, we noticed that she had already been ear tipped. This is commonly used for marking […]

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