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Happy Tail: Coba and Kiwi

The story of Coba and Kiwi’s journey to their new home began with a Facebook post. One day in late 2018, experienced foster mom Catherine saw a post online saying that the Annex Cat Rescue had two cats that urgently needed to be placed. The previous owner had suffered an injury and could no longer […]

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Happy Tail: Nellie

Nellie was a scared and skittish cat when Zoe began fostering her. After about a week of hiding under Zoe’s bed and only coming out at night, Nellie started to come out of her shell. But when Zoe’s dad, Robert, would stay over during work trips, Nellie went right back to being that skittish cat […]

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Happy Tail: Lukas and Larry (formerly Louie and Lars)

Lukas and Larry (formerly Louie and Lars) were between five- and seven-years-old when they were rescued from a Kensington Market colony in the Atkinson Co-op area. With their makeshift home turning into a construction zone in the fall of 2016, the kitties were brought into ACR’s care by volunteer trappers Sasha and James in winter […]

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Happy Tail: Poppy (previously Lolo/Little O)

Poppy — a.k.a. Lolo a.k.a. Little 0 — came into foster care with Annex Cat Rescue along with her sister Puffin. Her foster Janessa had initially separated Poppy and Puffin into a bedroom to give them time to adjust. Eventually, the two sisters came out and quickly bonded with Janessa’s two older cats, though they […]

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Happy Tail: Mulder and Scully (previously Lizzie and Albert)

Doug, who volunteers with a feral cat recovery centre in Scarborough, enjoys helping cats find loving homes. “There are cats out there that need people — otherwise they’re on the street,” he says. He’d rather not see them on the street if “they can be in a nice, warm house.” Last year, a litter of […]

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Happy Tail: Tippy

When Annex Cat Rescue volunteers operating a colony feeding route in Toronto’s east end found signs of a young cat, Tippy, and a litter of kittens in an abandoned garage, they called in Trap-Neuter/Spay-Rescue (TNR) expert Robin to assess the situation. One of ACR’s most prolific volunteers, Robin has saved hundreds of cats and kittens […]

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Happy Tail: Snowy

Snowy was one of several cats found cruelly abandoned in a filthy, dark, and inhospitable parking garage. Rescued with immense effort and patience by ACR volunteer trappers, he was brought into care to be assessed and socialized. Barbara, a long-time ACR supporter, assesses rescue cats as they are brought in, when it is unclear how […]

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Happy Tail: Sarah

Pat and her husband Robert are self-professed cat people. Seasoned fosters, the couple have been welcoming kittens to their home, initially through the Toronto Humane Society and now through ACR, for years. Pat estimates that they have fostered 26 kittens in a row. “We’re cat people. You do what you can. We have a house […]

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Happy Tail: Autumn (formerly Zissou)

When Autumn, previously called Zissou, was rescued in 2018, she was a bit worse for wear. Starving, and with a mouthful of painful, infected teeth, rescue could not have come at a better time. After being placed into foster care with ACR volunteer Janessa, Autumn had all of her teeth pulled, leaving her completely toothless! […]

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Happy Tail: Pouffy and Cocoa

Happy Tail: Pouffy and Cocoa On November 15th, 2018, Annex Cat Rescue website volunteer Kanza and her husband were crossing the city in the middle of the year’s first snowfall for two very good reasons: Pouffy and Cocoa.  The couple had both grown up with cats, and they were excited to get a pair of […]

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