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Happy Tail: Nellie (formerly Basket)

Looking at Nellie all cuddled up in her fuzzy blanket, you wouldn’t guess she was rescued from a cat colony. After being trapped for Annex Cat Rescue’s Trap Neuter Return (TNR) program, her rescuers decided to find this shy cat a forever home. “We’re thankful someone recognized that she deserved a good home,” says Shannon, […]

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Happy Tail: Fiona


There are adored cats, and then there is Fiona, who occupies the very heart of Zenia and Binoy’s home. You can hear the love in their voices when they describe the gentle white cat with brown markings, who was plucked from a backyard colony in the Keele and Dundas area in late 2020 at approximately […]

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Happy Tail: Batman

It’s not often that an adopted cat keeps its rescue name, but in Batman’s case, it was spot on. An all-black cat with large ears, Batman was the feistiest of a litter of three kittens fostered by long-time Annex Cat Rescue volunteer Lori, in 2020. “He liked to hang upside down like a bat, so […]

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Happy Tail: Django and Quentin

Onyx and Sheldon have always enjoyed cats’ company and shared the love of Onyx’s two cats until their passing. Two years later, the couple felt ready to invite new feline companions into their home. “I knew we would look for rescue kitties to help take some cats off the streets, so I contacted Annex Cat […]

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Happy Tail: Tortie

Tortie’s Happy Tail is a unique one. The story begins with Saoirse, a young veterinarian, who was living in Toronto with her roommate who is also a vet. They decided to foster a cat, and through her work, Saoirse heard of Annex Cat Rescue. Upon hearing that Saoirse and her roommate were both veterinarians, an […]

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Happy Tail: Ruthie and Cello

Ruthie (formerly Petunia) and Cello came into the care of ACR when they were very small kittens. Cello was rescued from a dirty industrial site with the rest of his littermates. He and his brothers and sisters were given to Jacqueline for fostering. At the time, Jacqueline had recently lost her own cat, so the […]

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Happy Tail: Osmo and Finn

After losing a beloved cat in 2018, Annex Cat Rescue foster Dayna wasn’t ready to adopt again, but she missed having a cat around. So, she decided to foster. Her specialty was behavioral assessments of feral cats. Dayna would take in these cats and, over time, see if they would be able to integrate into […]

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Happy Tail: Jinx

Jinx, formerly Joni, was a feral cat visiting friendly strangers for food. Before coming into the care of Annex Cat Rescue, she was living outside in the cold winter days and seen crossing busy streets. She was placed in a foster home with ACR foster superstar, Sherri. About the same time, Claire was going through […]

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Happy Tail: Cleo and Rudy

Cleo and Rudy, formerly known as Bunny and Squirrel, were found in a community member’s front lawn by Lizzy and Peter, two of the ACR’s ace trappers. They were two of six other kittens rescued on that day. Lizzy fostered the two of them for a short while before introducing the pair to Courtney. Cleo […]

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Happy Tail: Gus


Like so many of ACR’s happiest tales, Gus’ story begins outside. He was part of a litter of kittens found living outside a townhouse complex in York. While Gus’ siblings adjusted to life indoors and were adopted by their initial foster after a few months, he needed more time to get accustomed to people before […]

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