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Happy Tail: Gus

Patience and giving 10-year-old Gus space “to feel safe so he can enjoy his days” has been a slow process says Paul, Gus’ adoptive dad. “One must respect that any fast movement will scare him.” He knows Gus will never be a lap cat, but he will take treats from Paul’s hand and trusts he […]

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Off the Streets

We’d like to share with you stories of recent rescues and work ACR volunteers are doing within our own colonies and with community members throughout Toronto so you are aware of the kinds of situation ACR has been dealing with. Our vet partners have been especially helpful and generous with their space and time this […]

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Happy Tail: Muffin

Our thirteen-year-old tabby, Morgan, was asthmatic and diabetic and passed away from stomach cancer in April 2017. He was a such sweet boy and we’d had him since he was a kitten. Two months later, we were ready to open our home and our hearts to another cat and have a companion to our six-year-old […]

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Happy Tail: Farrah Pawcett

While living in the Annex and attending university, Al noticed that his home felt a bit empty. He decided to do some research to find some local pet rescue organizations, and came across Annex Cat Rescue. After a quick look around the Annex Cat Rescue website, Al came across the profile of a cat with […]

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Happy Tail: Bella Mae

A few months before adopting Bella-Mae, Jaclyn was looking for a companion for her eight-year old brown tabby Scout, an affectionate cat named after the character in the novel To Kill A Mockingbird. She sometimes works long hours and wanted a friend to be able to keep him company when she was in the office. […]

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Happy Tail: Casper

Because Casper had lived on the street, Lyla expected that helping her acclimatize to her new home might be more work than a cat with an easier history. But Casper, four years old at the time and patiently fostered by Mira, proved her wrong. She wasn’t exactly social that first day but she did allow […]

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Happy Tail: Marla

Ed and Roger are convinced Marla lives by the motto, “Cum cibum abiit, ego me periit” meaning “When the food is gone, I am gone.” Food — especially salmon — has played a big part in happily settling Marla into her forever home. But Marla proved to be a challenge from the beginning as she […]

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Saluting Karen Leitch 1953-2018: Dedicated ACR Volunteer

We were saddened to learn of the passing last month of one of our volunteers Karen Leitch. Karen was a loving and dedicated caretaker in our Kensington colony for approximately four years. She also volunteered with us at the Tranzac Gift Fair and other events. Karen spoke highly of her experiences working with the Kensington […]

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Happy Tail: Kimchi (formerly Patty-Pan)

Sometime things don’t go exactly as planned. This is something that Stasia is very familiar with — especially when it comes to adopting cats! The first time Stasia and her partner adopted a cat, they had originally planned on adopting from a shelter. But after having the cat of the choice adopted by the person […]

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Happy Tail: Jasmine and Noah

When Amy first spotted six-year-old Jasmine, the cat had already been waiting about a year to be adopted. As Amy explains, “People had been coming by to take a peek, but with Jasmine being an older, quieter cat, there were not as many opportunities for her as the younger cats.” Jasmine was initially a very […]

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