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Happy Tail: Bella & Pancakes

Bella and Pancakes (formerly Marfa), are a mother/daughter duo who have been together since the beginning. Bella and her newborn kittens were taken in by a wonderful ACR foster, Sydney, who was excited to watch everything the kittens learn from their mother. “They’re all so different; you never know what personalities they’ll have,” says Sydney. […]

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Happy Tail: Nero and Dav (formerly Niles and Frasier Crane)

As a foster parent for Annex Cat Rescue, Joanne takes in many litters of kittens. Back in 2017, she took in two kittens who were all on their own. “What really stands out about the two of them is how they were rescued,” Joanne says. “Niles, he’s the black one, he was found at a […]

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Happy Tails: Pearl and Molly

Ever since Pearl and Molly were born over a year ago, they’ve been inseparable. Part of a large litter, Pearl, Molly, and their brother Rambo were brought to ACR when they were eight weeks old. Their brother Rambo was a social and outgoing cat, and was adopted early on. However, finding a home for Pearl […]

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Happy Tail: Mikey

Now 16 months old, Mikey hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. “He was a bottle-fed baby so he is CRAZY,” says Kelly, Mikey’s forever owner. “He has a lot of energy and requires a lot of stimulation to be content.” And if Mikey doesn’t get attention, he’ll knock things over and chew wires. Kelly […]

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Happy Tail: Mag and Leah

Foster parent Susan is no stranger to Annex Cat Rescue, having fostered several litters of kittens since 2011. Her first litter? “An orange mother cat with eight orange kittens. I look back now and that was quite unusual,” she says, laughing. In 2016, she began fostering litters of kittens without mother cats. “I have a […]

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Off the Streets

We’d like to share with you stories of recent rescues and work ACR volunteers are doing within our own colonies and with community members throughout Toronto so you are aware of the kinds of situations ACR has been dealing with. We are still seeing a lot of kittens, though generally older kittens that may need […]

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Happy Tail: Boomer (formerly Junior)

Boomer is a special cat, who has had a special journey to his forever home. Boomer (whose foster name was Junior) is FIV+, and due to an untreated infection he had when he was younger, suffered some scarring in one of his eyes. Luckily for him, Boomer was taken in by Annex Cat Rescue and […]

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Happy Tail: Miso (formerly Cisco)

Not all cats would call the bathtub their favourite bed — many cats fear the idea of a bath! But not Miso, who’s always enjoyed playing in water and sleeping in the tub. His adoptive dad, Peter, found out this funny trait right away. “When we first met him at his foster home, he’d recently […]

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Happy Tail: Pretzel

“She’s a petite little girl with the most amazing eyes,” Sasha says about Pretzel, the cat he fostered. “We noticed right away that she was friendly.” ACR trapper Sasha found Pretzel living with about 20 other cats in an industrial area surrounded by dangerous machines, forklifts and trucks. He got a call to pick up […]

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Happy Tail: Smaug

A little over a year ago, Hana and her partner welcomed Smaug into their home. Smaug, formerly known as Valentino, is a large fluffy male cat found by Annex Cat Rescue near a colony early last summer. He was immediately friendly and trusting, leading rescuers to believe he had been lost for some time — […]

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