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Donate to Annex Cat Rescue


Annex Cat Rescue relies exclusively on donations. The year 2022 marked our 25th anniversary; an amazing accomplishment for a charity that began with neighbours gathering to help homeless cats. This success is due to many committed volunteers and the generosity of our supporters. We continue to face extraordinary challenges including (but not limited to) cats requiring urgent medical and dental care as well as spay/neuter and vaccinations. Our work supporting homeless cats in our community cannot happen without ongoing support. Please consider donating. Any amount helps!

Donate to Annex Cat Rescue

Credit & Cash Donations

Make a secure online donation with your credit card, PayPal or via Google Pay. Visit to contribute and receive an E-receipt for your gift.

Look for our donation boxes at your local pet food stores and vets or mail us a donation.

Donate to Annex Cat Rescue


If your employer is a participant of “gifts by payroll deduction” with the United Way, you may be able to direct a portion of your donation to the Annex Cat Rescue.

Check the back of the first page of the United Way donation forms (likely available from your employer). On the bottom half of this page, there should be a section called Other Giving Options where there is a checkbox for “To Another Registered Charity.”

Fill in the amount you wish to donate.

You will also need to fill in the following information:
Full Name of Charity: The Annex Cat Rescue
Address: P.O. Box 19028, 360A Bloor Street West
City: Toronto
Province: Ontario
Postal Code: M5S 3C9
Charitable Business Number: 871653945 RR0001

Your donation will be automatically deducted off of your pay through the year. Donations through this program are usually recorded on your T4 slip, or the United Way will issue a tax receipt to you at year-end.

United Way will collect your contribution on behalf of Annex Cat Rescue and remit the funds (minus an administration charge) to us on a quarterly basis.

Please note that the Annex Cat Rescue is not affiliated with the United Way and cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. For more information about this program, please talk to your employer or contact the United Way.

Gifts of Securities

One of the most cost-effective ways to support Annex Cat Rescue is through a gift of publicly listed securities. Making a gift of securities is simple and offers a number of valuable benefits:

Other Donations

Employee Matching Program

Did you know that many companies will donate money for their employees’ volunteer hours? Some even will match your charitable donations. If you’re a current ACR volunteer or donor, please check with your HR department to see if they have an Employee Matching Program!

For any questions about submitting to this program please contact our Donations team.

Support Us With Your Membership

An Annex Cat Rescue membership shows your commitment to addressing the plight of homeless cats in the Greater Toronto Area. We promote TNR and offer assistance to members of the community via our feral/stray email outreach program where we work to empower community members on the compassionate treatment of homeless cats and responsible pet ownership.

Membership includes:

•attendance at ACR meetings • eligibility to vote at meetings • participation on committees and at ACR functions • notice of meetings and related ACR documents and communication  voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting.


Members support ACR’s mission statement – “A city where all cats – whether they are feral, stray or owned – are loved and cared for.”  

Members stand by our Values – Compassion-Cooperation-Respect-Dedication-Integrity. 

The cost of membership is $20 annually.

Air Miles

Please consider donating your Air Miles which we can redeem for cat supplies. Our AIR MILES collector number is 8007 288 7808. Please quote that number to the cashier if you would like the Annex Cat Rescue to receive your reward miles.

Donate to Annex Cat Rescue

Vehicle Donation is a vehicle donation and disposal program. Your vehicle may be recycled and disposed of in a “green” manner.

Visit to get a quote on the value of your car and find out more on how to make this a donation to the Annex Cat Rescue.

Donate to Annex Cat Rescue

Cat Supplies

Our foster homes are ALWAYS in need of specific items for our foster kittens and cats. Have an online shopping urge? Please check out our Amazon wishlist here.

We appreciate donations of gently used pet supplies for use in our foster program. Donations of unexpired food are also welcome for the foster and feral cat colonies in our care. 

We will also accept scratching posts, beds, brushes, clippers, and toys in good condition. Photos are helpful.

Please let us know your closest major intersection and the best time of day/days of the week for a pick-up. We will attempt to connect you with one of our volunteers. (As we do not operate a physical shelter, we are not able to accept donation drop-offs.)

Please note, we are currently not accepting:

Donate to Annex Cat Rescue

If you’re interested in donating supplies, please contact our Donations team and our volunteers will reply to arrange donation pick-up or drop-off by appointment.