Kobi Memorial Fund

Kobi[October 5, 1995 – April 25, 2000]

This medical fund is named after Kobi, a very special and much-loved companion who lived each day with the exuberance of an open mind, a trusting heart, and most of all, a joyful spirit. He is dearly missed by Kelly, Sylvia and Mika but, for his warm and loving nature, his antics, and his irrepressible enthusiasm, he was beloved by all who met him. To honour the joy he brought to so many and because he died so young, the Kobi Memorial Medical Fund hopes, in his name, to return good health to cats who are hurt or sick and help them live happy lives longer than his own.?

Annex Cat Rescue is grateful to Kelly Duffin and her friends for their generous donation in establishing the Kobi Memorial Medical Fund to honour the memory of Kelly’s beloved Burmese, Kobi.

The fund will receive an annual donation, every October 5th (Kobi’s birthday), and will be used to assist with veterinary services, primarily for medical emergencies and for cats facing special needs.

If you would like to make a donation, please mail in a cheque with a completed donation form or you may also contribute with your credit card online.

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