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Cat Resources

Toronto Feral Cat Resources

  • Toronto Street Cats – Excellent group run by the Toronto Humane Society including Shelter Building and information about the Free Feral Cat TNR Clinic.
  • Toronto Feral Cat Caretakers Yahoo! Group – a very active and helpful group specifically to help the caretakers of Feral Cat Colonies here in Toronto
  • Community Cats – A group that tracks Feral Cats in Toronto, and regularly runs TNR workshops

Feral Cats / Cat Rescue

  • Alley Cat Allies – This Washington, DC-based organization is the resource for information on feral and stray cats. ACA provides many fact sheets on different aspects/issues of cat rescue including caring for feral cats, taming/socialization, trap-neuter-release (TNR), advocacy, etc.
  • Neighborhood Cats – This NYC group has some great links under their ‘how to’ & ‘resources’ links
  • Feral and Stray Cats Yahoo! Group – This Yahoo! Group is an excellent resource for people who are involved in helping feral and stray cats, or maybe have taken one or more in as a pet. Mailing list discussion includes, but is not limited to, experiences with feral cats as pets, care of feral cat colonies, and ways of controlling and helping feral cats. The mailing list itself is very high-traffic, but joining the group is worthwhile for the information stored in the Files section.

Pet Loss

  • Cornell Pet Loss Support Hotline – Information about Cornell University’s pet loss support telephone hotline, and links to other important sites for those grieving the loss of a beloved pet.
  • Virtual Pet Cemetery – Here you can place a “cyber-epitaph” to your pet in one of the virtual “plots”.



Other Groups

Many cat rescue organizations are similar to the Annex Cat Rescue in that they are often in need of volunteer help and are extremely limited in their shelter/foster home and financial resources. Please consider volunteering with or making a donation to any group you may contact — their animals will be extremely grateful to you!

Here are some links to other cat rescue groups:


Donate. Volunteer. Adopt.