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Happy Tail: Mr. Parmesan (formerly Wilhelm)

Like many cats who come into Annex Cat Rescue, Mr. Parmesan’s story has a rough beginning, but a sweet ending.

In November 2019, he was left in a box outside of the Toronto Humane Society with a note that said, “Help Me.” The volunteer who found him also volunteers with Annex Cat Rescue and took him to the Yonge-Davenport Pet Hospital to make sure he got medical attention before he was placed into foster care.


Mr. Parmesan (formerly known as Willhelm) was taken in by foster parent Joanne. Joanne has been fostering cats for a long time and also cares for a cat colony. Joanne describes Mr. Parmesan as delightful from the get-go. Although timid and shy with strangers, he loves to be cuddled and stroked and is a true lap cat. He especially loves to have his ears and head massaged and he also enjoys throwing toy mice into the air and catching them as they fall.

When Chloe and Britton came to meet Mr. Parmesan, Joanne knew they would make great adoptive parents. They got on the floor with him and were very gentle and patient. Although he was such a joy to foster, Joanne knew that this was the right match for Mr. Parmesan and was happy to see him going to a home where he would be so loved.

Mr. Parmesan lives with Chloe and Britton and big brother Tonks (another Annex Cat Rescue adoptee). Chloe describes Mr. Parmesan as a perfect cutie. When he first went home with them, he was very shy and would often hide in his carrier, litter box, or under the bed, but now he sleeps with her every night. In fact, he was hiding under the bed and finally came out when he smelled the Parmesan cheese rinds that Chloe was snacking on, which is how he came to be “Mr. Parmesan.”

Mr. Parmesan is not subtle about wanting attention – he will lie on his back with his belly exposed trying to catch the gaze of his humans.  He enjoys playing and hanging out with Tonks and getting his cardio in by chasing Tonks around the house. He also likes to chase his own tail, particularly attacking the stripes on his tail.

Thanks to helpful hands along the way, and the trustful nature of his adoptive parents to see past his initial shyness, Mr. Parmesan’s tale has a happy ending.

-Sandra Dania

Mr Parmesan 3