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Happy Tail: Pomelo (Pom)

After moving from Edmonton to Toronto, Veronica and Arlan were missing loved ones and ready for some furry companionship. When researching local animal rescues, the couple found Pom’s sweet photo on the ACR adoption page. “We had no idea the pandemic was around the corner and how much we’d need the cuddle therapy,” says Veronica.

Pom was rescued by volunteer and foster Melanie, who learned that Pom was homeless at an auto supply warehouse in the Finch and Weston Road area. “She had been hanging around there for a couple of years — a few people were providing her with food, litter, and warmth in the winter, but no consistent care or socialization,” says Melanie. After trapping Pom and her two surviving kittens, Melanie settled the trio in a quiet room of her home until they could be adopted.

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Happy Tail: Pomelo (Pom)

“I enjoyed fostering Pom. She was a very sweet-natured cat and easy to look after,” recalls Melanie. Pom was a gentle mother, and while not people-friendly at first, she would never bite or scratch. “It took a couple of years for her to get adopted, but Veronica and Arlan were the perfect fit,” says Melanie, whose fond memories include sitting with Pom and enjoying TV time.

Remembering their first meeting with Pom vividly, Veronica and Arlan sat patiently on the couch while she was gently placed between them. With just a bit of petting, Pom started to softly purr. “We just loved her from the first minute,” says Veronica, who had to leave her 16-year-old childhood cat in Edmonton. For Arlan, Pom’s bushy tail and chubby cheeks were endearing, and his own childhood cat had recently passed away.

Both in need of feline comfort, their decision was made. “We named her Pomelo, because, like the fruit, she’s very sweet and round! Pomelos are a symbol for family unity, and remind me of my childhood and mom,” says Veronica. From initially hiding under furniture to becoming an avid fan of bed cuddles, toys, and routines, Pom’s playful personality has emerged. She enjoys making chirpy conversation and will stare at her owners expectantly and meow until her spot on the couch is vacated!

Pom may not be a natural lap cat, but she is open to creative solutions. “She loves her cat bed, so one day we picked up the whole bed with her in it and placed it on Veronica’s lap. She stayed cuddled up there for an hour,” says Arlan.

Despite some minor dental, weight, and allergy issues, Pom’s life is truly joyous. “Adopting Pomelo has been such a rewarding experience. She keeps surprising us with her sweet and funny personality,” says Veronica. “We’re especially grateful for Melanie, who was patient, thorough and had Pom’s best interests at heart. We recommend ACR wholeheartedly.”

Melanie shares these sentiments as a proud volunteer. “There is nothing better than loving these cats, giving them a safe place to land and nurturing them as they begin their journey from the streets into wonderful homes to live out their lives,” she says. “Without ACR’s help, I would not have been able to trap this sweet and gentle cat, helping her find her forever home.”

-Amy Ellen Soden

Happy Tail: Pomelo (Pom)