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Happy Tail: Tomas (formerly Sweet Pea)

Tomas (formerly Sweet Pea) was a little kitten when he was rescued by ACR. He was fostered by ACR volunteer Emily, who remembers him as a very friendly and affectionate kitten.

“He loved to jump up high and bump his nose against our face — too precious for words,” says Emily. He took kindly to Emily’s other cat and was affectionate and playful with them soon after.

Tomas 2

In search of finding a ginger kitten to adopt, Lynne had been following the ACR website. “When the picture of baby Tomas popped up, I immediately sent my loving request,” Lynne recalls. Fortunately, Lynne was the first to contact Emily and was excited to adopt him.

Tomas had a difficult start to his life. It was discovered that he had giardia and stomatitis and would need to remove his teeth.Fortunately, ACR was able to assist with the cost, and Tomas successfully got through the surgery and was ready to begin the journey with his new family.

When Tomas was first brought home, he initially hid in the closet. Lynne also had two other rescue cats (Willie and Larry) that were very curious about their new brother. However, it did not take long for Tomas to become comfortable and decide that this was home for him.

“Tomas is the most gregarious, social, vocal, playful, and spirited baby we have ever known,” says Lynne. He enjoys grooming and chasing Willie and Larry around the house. He’s also claimed a special spot on the bed, which he likes to cozy up to on the blanket every night. Recently, Tomas was selected as the winner of a “Cat of the Week” contest on Facebook!

“Tomas loves marmalade. If we had known this at first, we may have just called him Marmalade,” says Lynne. He’s also very fond of hisCat Dancer toy, which consists of a wire with bits of corrugated cardboard attached on the end. Every morning, Tomas sits patiently at Lynne’s feet, gently nudging her so they can play with it!

Having spent a lot more time at home in the past few months, Lynne says that Tomas has helped make time fly by with his antics and love. “All three of our kitties act like its Christmas every day, and we look forward to sharing a quiet Christmas with all of them,” says Lynne. In anticipation of the holidays, all the cats even had their own advent calendar with salmon treats behind every door.

-Justina Tran

Tomas 3