Purrrfect Gifts

Purrrfect Gifts - Shasta
Looking for the purrfect gift for the person who has everything? Let Annex Cat Rescue help you commemorate holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions with a gift of life saving help for homeless cats. Each gift comes with the option for you to send the recipient an e-card or have Annex Cat Rescue mail you or your gift recipient a beautiful card and certificate featuring one of our rescued cats and their story. Tax receipts are provided for financial gifts.

Available Gifts

Example of Purrrfect Gifts

Snow-free Sanctuary – $35

Snow-free Sanctuary

Photo by ACR Volunteer Sara Slater

Give the gift of warmth and shelter from the harsh outdoor elements with a sanctuary from the snow. Not all cats live indoors and many must rely on their furry coats and whatever shelter they can find to get through the harsh Toronto winter. Your donation will cover the cost of two specially built shelters for homeless cats who need a safe outdoor haven to call home.

Feed a Colony – $35

Feed a Colony

Photo by ACR Volunteer Sara Slater

Every day of the year in every kind of weather, Annex Cat Rescue volunteers feed vulnerable homeless cats in 19 managed colonies across downtown Toronto. Without this daily feeding, many cats would simply not eat. Just $35 will supply a colony caretaker stewarding a smaller colony with wet and dry food for one month.

Feline Check-up – $50

Feline Check-up

Photo by ACR Volunteer Laurie Pringle

What better gift to give than a clean bill of health? Cats need check-ups too! Your donation will go towards the cost of providing vaccinations and flea treatment for a homeless cat that Annex Cat Rescue is caring for. Feline check-ups are vital to preventing disease and keeping feral and homeless cats healthy and protected against the challenges they face on Toronto’s streets.

Multiply No More – $75

Multiply No More

Photo of Mercedes and kittens, by ACR Volunteer Sylvia Fraser

Your donation will help cover the cost of spaying or neutering a homeless cat that has been rescued by Annex Cat Rescue. Spay and neuter surgeries prevent numerous kittens from being born into homelessness, sparing them from the harsh realities of life on the streets. This gift also allows cats to live healthier and happier lives, and helps reduce the population of homeless cats living on Toronto’s streets.

Find my Forever Home – $150

Find my Forever Home

Photo of Charlie Waffles, by ACR Volunteer Kirsten Donovan

Every cat deserves a loving home! However, the costs of fostering rescued homeless cats add up for a charity like Annex Cat Rescue, and limit the number of cats we can help. This gift will help cover the costs of rescuing, spaying or neutering, and fostering a cat that was previously trying to survive alone on the streets, while we hunt for their perfect gift – a forever home.

The Gift of Time – 10 hours of your time

The Gift of Time

The Gift of Time

Your time is priceless to homeless cats in need. Give a few hours and get a lot of gratitude from our fostered felines. To learn more about this gift, click here.

How to Order

To give one of the financial gifts, please click on the blue Canada Helps “Donate Now” button below, and click on the dollar amount corresponding to the gift you would like to give.

  • If you would like us to mail a card and certificate to you so that you can add a personal message and deliver it to your gift recipient yourself, please tell us that in the “Message/Instructions for Annex Cat Rescue” box, and be sure to provide your mailing address.

  • To have an e-card or mailed card sent directly to your gift recipient, please click on the “In honour of” button under “Dedicate Your Donation”, and provide your recipient’s address and the message that you would like us to include on their card.  If you choose an e-card, it will be sent by Canada Helps. If you choose a card from Annex Cat Rescue, we will mail your gift recipient a beautiful card featuring one of our rescue success stories, as well as a certificate describing your gift.

Please note that if you select the anonymous donation option, Annex Cat Rescue will not receive your name or any contact information, and we will be unable to send out a Purrrfect Gift package. However, you can still use the Canada Helps e-card option if desired.

Canada Helps Donate Now

To give a Gift of Time, please visit this page.

If you would like to choose your recipient’s Purrrfect Gifts card, click here to meet our six feature cats and read their rescue stories.

If you have any questions, please email us at tributegifts@annexcatrescue.ca.

Thank you for helping us help homeless cats!