Gift of Time

Your time can be just as valuable as money for cats in need.

Gift of Time

New Volunteers

To give a Gift of Time, please help us spread the word about Annex Cat Rescue (ACR), which will allow us to rescue even more cats from Toronto’s streets. To do this:

1. Print 20 ACR posters here.

2. Cut between the contact tabs at the bottom of each poster

3. Put the posters up around your community. Examples of good locations include community bulletin boards in pet food stores, vet offices, cafes, community centers, schools, etc. Please get permission first, and keep track of where you put them! If you plan to poster outdoors, please be very mindful – Toronto has a by-law regarding postering in public places and we could get fined if they are not on designated postering columns and boards — indoors is always better!

4. When you are done, please fill out this form to tell us where you put the posters, and give us the address where we can send your gift card and certificate.

If you would like to make a longer-term volunteer commitment, please visit our volunteer page to learn about the volunteer positions we have available, and fill out an application.

Existing Volunteers

If you have already donated at least 10 hours of your time to ACR this year, we would be happy to thank you with a Gift of Time card and certificate. Please complete this form to let us know how you have volunteered, and where we can send your gift package.