Tips for When You Ask For Help From A Rescue

We’ve been receiving an increasing number of requests for help from members of the public via our social media channels and our feral/stray community help email. While we are happy that people are reaching out and asking for advice and trying to help community cats, there are some ways in which you could help us […]

Adopting in Pairs

Kitten trio

Kittens are curious and crave constant stimulation. A single, bored kitten will often entertain itself by chewing on plants, climbing drapes, climbing furniture, unrolling toilet paper, exploring electrical cords and sockets, etc. This is not to say that kittens who live with other kittens won’t also sometimes do these things, but if they have another […]

Feline House-Soiling


One of the traits that make cats such wonderful house pets is that they are clean and can reliably use litter boxes within the home. When there is a breakdown in this fastidious behaviour and elimination of urine or feces occurs outside of the litter box, the bond between you and your cat can naturally […]


Trapping a homeless cat

Though it may not be apparent as its citizens go about their daily lives, Toronto has a significant population of homeless cats. There are at least 50,000 strays (cats that have wandered from home and become lost or cats that have been abandoned by people) and ferals (a cat born on the street to strays). […]

Found a Stray

Stray cat

If you suspect a cat is lost or stray, here is a checklist to follow: Try to catch the cat (gently and using a carrier) and take him to your neighbourhood vet to check for a microchip. The vet will be able to read the cat’s microchip very quickly if there is one and contact […]

Lost Cat

Outdoor cat

WHAT TO DO FIRST: Look both in the house and in the immediate area around the house – enlist others for extra eyes Report the cat and their microchip number to Toronto Animal Services to ensure the cat hasn’t been brought in. You can also check their listings of all animals found within the last […]

Feral Cats: Fact & Fiction

Feral cats

Why do cats become feral? Feral cats are descended from domestic cats who were abandoned, or whose owners failed to spay and neuter. Feral cats’ domestic kin may also have got lost or run away from abusive owners. Like domestic cats, feral cats multiply very quickly. In five years, an unspayed feral female can have 20,000 […]


cat health check

There are all kinds of felines in this world. Each comes with varying appearances and personalities — some are easier, some more challenging, and some are overlooked just because they are little bit different or have medical problems that sound scary and intimidating. For that reason, we’ve devised this quick fact sheet to help you […]

Cat Care Basics

Cat adoption

We just adopted a cat – now what? Settling in For the first 12-24 hours, keep your new cat or kitten confined to one room so it can establish a place where it feels safe. Make sure it has plenty of water, food, an easily accessible litter pan and a comfortable bed. If you start […]


If you are considering declawing your cat, please read this. It will only take a moment, and it will give you valuable information to help you in your decision. First, you should know that declawing is something people do for their own convenience without realizing what actually happens to their beloved cat. In England declawing […]