Feline House-Soiling


One of the traits that make cats such wonderful house pets is that they are clean and can reliably use litter boxes within the home. When there is a breakdown in this fastidious behaviour and elimination of urine or feces occurs outside of the litter box, the bond between you and your cat can naturally […]

FeLV+ Cats: Completely Adoptable With Some Caveats

Sheena is a darling orange-and-grey dilute calico girl and Checkers is a tuxedoed gentleman. Their personalities vary as much as their appearance, but the one thing they do have in common — FeLV+ status — doesn’t slow them down. Their foster parent, Mavis, had never heard of FeLV when she was considering fostering Sheena back […]

Introducing A Second Cat to a Household

Two cats together

When you decide to add a second cat to your household as a companion to your resident cat, you want to keep the process as stress-free as possible for both cats. While metaphorically “throwing them in together” might be the chosen method for some cat owners, this can cause undue stress on all parties. What […]