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As a 100% volunteer-run organization that does not operate an office or shelter, Annex Cat Rescue depends on the dedication of our volunteers – not just the foster homes, feral colony feeders, and trappers who work hands-on, but also those who support ACR’s rescue work behind-the-scenes. If you, or anyone you know, is interested in becoming a volunteer or expanding your work within the organization, please apply online.

ACR has a defined Code of Conduct for its volunteers. To see how you can help us best today, view our team positions below. Our experienced volunteers are always there to support you, and even a few hours of your time every month can make a big difference. We regret that we are unable to offer volunteer opportunities to those under the age of 18.


Wondering how you can volunteer with Annex Cat Rescue? Below is the list of roles that make up our wonderful team:

Assessment & Socialization Homes

The assessment home observes the cat(s) to see if he/she can be socialized. Sometimes traumatized stray cats need additional support. You help the Foster team decide the type of foster home the cat needs. The cat may need you for only a few days or for a few weeks. A socialization home works with semi-feral cats to regain their trust. This is a longer-term commitment. It is best if assessment and socialization homes have had some exposure to feral and semi-feral cats and have great compassion for cats that are transitioning off the street and the trauma that street life may have caused to a cat.

Foster Homes

We are always looking for new foster homes, especially for adult cats we have brought in off the street who need time and patience to recover and learn to trust people. We also have some cats who are looking for temporary shelter, when volunteers go on vacation.

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An important part of ACR’s work is our Trap-Neuter/Spay-Return (TNR) program. This requires a network of volunteers to trap feral cats; transport them to and from the vets where they are neutered or spayed; provide them with recovery space and, returning them to their colonies. In this way, we help to curb overpopulation of the city’s back alleys with homeless, starving, often injured or sick, stray and feral cats. Interested in helping out but still a little unsure? Our experienced volunteers will provide training in baiting and setting traps; transporting feral cats; gaining the cooperation of neighbours, along with all other elements of trapping.

Feral Colony Feeding

Annex Cat Rescue has a number of routes we maintain through feral feeding. We currently have 16 colonies scattered through Toronto. Feral feeding is typically done once a week or once every two weeks for established cats along our feeding routes (receipts for food can be exchanged for charitable tax receipts). A car is not necessary for this position.

We currently need feeders for the following colonies and days:

  • Dixon & 401
    • Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday morning
    • Thursday morning
  • Runnymede & St. Clair Ave.
    • Thursday morning
  • Greenwood & Gerrard
    • Every other Friday

Do you have a vehicle and a couple of hours you can sometimes spare? Annex Cat Rescue is always looking for volunteers with their own vehicle to help transport supplies to special events, collect and distribute donated food, pick up and drop off cats at the vets. This position does not require a set amount of time, but as your schedule allows. If you have a vehicle, please consider becoming a transportation volunteer.

Trap-Neuter-Return Recovery Homes

We are in need of recovery homes for community cats as part of our Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program. The cats will need to recover from their spay/neuter in a cage. You will need a small clean quiet secure room with a door, in which you will place the cage, as the cats will need a calm, quiet, clean environment for their post-surgical recovery. It should not take more than 20 – 30 minutes a day, with the length of stay usually between 3 to 7 days.

Adoption screeners

Adoption Screeners are involved in retrieving phone message or e-mail adoption inquiries and conducting phone interviews with potential adopters. Screeners “match-make” potential adopters with cats and refer individuals to foster homes to make an appointment for cat visitation. Volunteers must have access to a phone, a computer, and the internet. We are currently looking to fill two positions for alternate Saturdays and alternate Sundays. This would require a 3-4 hour commitment every other week.

Volunteer coordinator

This a crucial role within the rescue which may see duties divided among multiple people. Among other things, the Volunteer Coordinator provides follow-up and direction for incoming volunteers, helps to match prospective volunteers to appropriate positions based on skill and interest, and liaises with ACR coordinators to remain up-to-date on role openings.

Volunteer screeners

Volunteer screeners are responsible for processing new volunteer applications and referring them to the appropriate internal team. This is a rewarding role that underpins the entire rescue. Volunteer screeners also work closely with the volunteer coordinator to engage existing ACR volunteers through social media or special events. 

Events coordinator

The events coordinator is responsible for planning all Annex Cat Rescue events (virtual and in-person), including fundraisers and community outreach events. They are also responsible for engaging the ACR events volunteers and scheduling volunteers to work events. It is recommended that the ACR events coordinator has a vehicle to move supplies between events.

Events volunteer

Events volunteers represent Annex Cat Rescue at various events by speaking with community members. Volunteers are often responsible for setting up merchandise tables and managing some cash while selling goods to the public. Volunteers should be comfortable speaking about Annex Cat Rescue with the general public.

Feral/Stray Line Monitor

These volunteers work as a team to monitor ACR’s shared feral/stray email account one day a week (answering emails) while keeping track of requests in our shared spreadsheet. Communication with ACR’s foster department, board of directors, and assessment coordinator may be required. Typically, the time commitment is one-to-two hours per shift but that’s not guaranteed. Busy days could be more, quiet days could be less. We also need volunteers to back up regular volunteers as required.

In-Kind Donations Volunteers

The in-kind donations coordinator and volunteers are the team that accepts and sorts donations that come to Annex Cat Rescue. Their work includes responding to inquiries (donation offers of physical goods) via phone and/or email, coordinating transfers of physical goods, performing safety assessments, and providing temporary storage of supplies and/or equipment. As a team, they determine best use of available supplies, supply requests and distribution. A flexible schedule is ideal. Access to a vehicle would be an asset, but not a necessity.

Donation Box Recruiter/monitor

The Annex Cat Rescue has ongoing coinboxes and catnip toy sales baskets in stores and vet offices around the city. A network of ACR volunteers monitor these locations, which bring in the “bread and butter” income that ACR needs in order to care for our cats. We are currently looking for people who can scout out new locations that are convenient to them and monitor the box for us. Depending on the amount of traffic, these boxes should be emptied anywhere from once a week to once a month.

Fundraising for ACR

Annex Cat Rescue is a registered charity which means that you can get a tax receipt for any donations that you make! If you’re looking to support ACR’s efforts, organizing an independent fundraising event is a great option. You can contact our Fundraising team to let us know about your event.

Looking to promote ACR in your community? Download and hang up one of these flyers!


Become an ACR Partner

Looking to support Annex Cat Rescue’s work? We often partner with organizations that are looking to donate funds, supplies or time. We are happy to thank our partners for their support by showcasing them on our social media, and recognizing them in our Annual Highlights.

Below are some examples of how we can work together:


Do any of these sound interesting to you? Contact our Donations team and let us know what you have in mind!