Volunteer Profiles

Thinking of volunteering with Annex Cat Rescue? Meet some of the people behind the scenes who are involved in a wide variety of capacities – how they became involved, what they do and what they find the most rewarding.

Alaina V. Fostering
Alison F. Adoption facilitator, Cat marketing
Anna S. Colony feeder
Anna-Marie J. Events, Crafts
Barbara I. Colony Co-ordinator
Brianna G. Board member, Editorial, Fostering
Carla H. Colony feeder
Carmen T. Events
Deborah K. Adoption facilitator
Deborah P. Colony feeder
Elena H. Adoption facilitator
Erin M. Colony feeder
Heather G. Adoption facilitator
Heather L. Events
Jennifer R. Board member, Communications
Karen L. Colony feeder
Laura L. Colony feeder, Fostering
Laurie P. Fostering
Lindsay W. Colony feeder
Rondi A. Colony feeder, Events
Ruth B. Fostering
Ruth B. Colony feeder, Fostering
Sarah M. Colony feeder, Fostering
Tanya M. Fostering
Tess L. Social media
Tova E. Colony feeder