Current Volunteer Openings

Kitten intake homes

Kitten season is underway. We urgently need 2 homes in the east end who can take in kittens 12 weeks and under on short notice to go to for their first few days after being trapped. You must have experience handling feral kittens or working with community cats. *This is not a suitable position for those new to working with street cats.* The kitten intake homes would keep each litter isolated from each other, treat for fleas and worms with ACR stock, bathe/flea comb/tidy up the kittens (depending on how filthy and flea-ridden they are), and do a crash course kitten socialization/assessment, so that they are in a state to be able to be transferred to a foster home. We can supply you with a large cage to contain the kittens. This is a challenging, yet very rewarding job.
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feeders wanted

Colony feeders

Please read this page before applying so you have some idea of what to expect.

Greenwood/Gerrard: 2 feeders – alternate Fridays, and alternate Saturdays.
Please note: this is one of our larger colonies with 13 cats to feed.
Apply to help with this colony.

Pape & Gerrard: 1 feeder for a weekday evening shift.
One of our smaller colonies with 2 cats to feed.
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Carlaw Gerrard: 1-3 feeders for weekday mornings.
Please note: this is one of our larger colonies with 10 cats to feed.
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Assessment Homes

Assessment homes are the key to ACR’s success in bringing cats off the street. Yet, ACR does not have an adequate number of assessment homes. The role of the assessment home is to get to know the cat and see if he/she is socializable. We can help you with a large cage and supplies. Read more here about what is involved in being an Assessment Home with Annex Cat Rescue.
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Before and after

Socialization and Medical foster homes

We urgently need foster parents with experience building trust again in shy, traumatized cats or working with cats with special behavioural or medical needs. These are the most critical types of foster homes we need.
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We also need volunteers to help us transport cats between foster homes, to vet appointments, and to help us get donated supplies to fosters in need.
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keep your fingers well away

Recovery Space

High on our wish list is a south-west-end recovery space for our trappers to overnight feral cats (in their traps). The only recovery centre is out in Scarborough, which is handy for some but not always for volunteers working in the west end of the city. We are looking for someone with a heated garage. The cats would remain in their traps (no touching!) and be picked up the next morning (early! about 6:00 am) to be taken to one of the TNR clinics. No feeding, no litter box.

At the end of the day, the trappers pick up their cats at the clinic. The cats cannot just be released back into their colonies. We need a space where the neutered males can stay one night and the spayed females can stay 2-3 nights to recover from their surgeries. Then we come get them and release them back into their colonies. The cats would remain in their cages but of course would require feeding and some litter. We can offer support and training.
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Adoptions Team – Marketing

An online/email volunteer position, on average approx 30 minutes a day. Would need to be in Toronto and available for in-person training.
Skills needed:
– pick up computer programs quickly (would be posting cats using an online shelter management system that is not the most intuitive)
– good writing skills – foster parents will send in bios or bullet point tips about their foster cats, at a minimum the volunteer should be able to edit and tweak them (fix grammar, typos, sentence structure, bio organization), but what would really be incredible would to to get someone with good writing/marketing skills who could take the raw material and turn it into more engaging write-ups that will get potential adopters clicking on cats’ profiles – this would boost adoption rates so we can help more cats
– basic photo editing skills – foster parents send in pictures of their foster cats, but most would really benefit from some colour correction and cropping at the bare minimum, since the picture is what has to incentivize adopters to click and learn more about a cat.
– self-motivated – volunteer will need to log in to see which profiles need to be updated or posted each day. Potential to take on a greater role around adoption posting and processing (including reaching out to foster parents to get their cats posted, and coaching them through how to take good pictures and the info we need for great bios)

This could be 2 roles as well, and split into a writer who crafts engaging biographies, and an adoption posting volunteer who puts the bios, pictures and video links online and posts the cat to the various adoption portals.
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Coin box coordinator

Annex Cat Rescue has donation boxes (some with catnip toys) in various locations throughout the city. Each location has a volunteers who collects the money, remits it to ACR and replenishs catnip toy stock as needed.

We are looking for a Coinbox Coordinator, duties to include:
-Liasing with existing volunteers to ensure the coinboxes are checked and monies collected and remitted and catnip toys replenished.
-Assist in finding new locations for coinboxes and coaching volunteers to maintain them.
-Regularly checking coinbox email and answering inquiries.
-Maintaining records (basic spreadsheet skills suitable)
-Time commitment: 1-2 hours a week

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Fundraising Coordinator

Annex Cat Rescue receives no government funding and relies exclusively on personal and corporate donors. We are currently seeking an enthusiastic, animal-loving person committed to the non-profit concept to head up our fundraising efforts. Graduates of post-secondary fundraising programs or students nearing completion of their course are especially encouraged to apply, as are retired fundraising professionals.
Read more about the position.

(last updated June 12, 2018)

Coordinators, if you need volunteers, please email the Volunteer Coordinator and it will appear here.

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