Current Volunteer Openings


Toronto has a significant population of homeless cats. And each stray cat can contribute many more to that number if it reproduces unchecked. Through its Trap-Neuter/Spay-Return program (TNR), Annex Cat Rescue is doing its utmost to keep that number from growing, and even reduce it.

ACR is looking for volunteers for its TNR program. Volunteers set and monitor traps, then transport the cats (in traps) to and from the vet or recovery home where  a cat can regain enough strength to be returned to its territory again.

Read this page for more on community cats, and then apply to be a trapper.

Event Coordinators

We’re looking for organized volunteers to deliver and host fundraising and educational events in the Greater Toronto Area. These events help educate the public about our very important work, and in turn improve the lives of homeless cats and kittens, and those transitioning indoors.

Duties include:

  • Managing events from top to tail, such as securing venues and/or tables, checking inventory and acquiring craft top-ups, reaching out to event volunteers, providing communication for volunteers and vendors, etc.
  • Attending events and providing support
  • Coordinating all event-related communication with participants, vendors, and volunteers
  • Managing the “Events” email inbox and replying to inquiries
  • Collecting cash from events
  • Coordinating with craft coordinator volunteers for new crafts at upcoming events
  • Managing ACR inventory at a College & Grace Street location

The events team has been doing street fairs, adoption events, holiday markets, community outreach events, etc. spreading the word about Annex Cat Rescue, TNR and more. Access to a vehicle is an asset for this role.

Apply to be on an Events Coordinator

Colony Feeders

feed feral cats Toronto

Want to help vulnerable homeless cats lead better lives? Sign up as a colony cat feeder. Feral feeding is typically done once a week or once every two weeks for established cats along our feeding routes (receipts for food can be exchanged for charitable tax receipts).  Please read this page for more information on what to expect.

We are currently looking to fill the following spots:

  • Dixon & 401 Colony Feeder
    • Shift available:
      • Saturday mornings (before 10 a.m.)
  • Runnymede-St.Clair Colony Feeder
    • Access to a car is a plus.
    • Shifts available:
      • Monday mornings (before 10:30 a.m.)
      • Monday evenings (between 4-6 p.m.)
      • Saturday mornings (before 10:30 a.m.)
      • Saturday evening (between 4-6 p.m.)

If this sounds like the perfect job for you, apply here!

Assessment Homes

This is a key role within ACR. All incoming cats and kittens over 12 weeks of age must go to an ACR assessment home (after initial vetting and before going to a longer term foster home). Yet, ACR never has enough assessment homes. The role of the assessment home is to get to know the cat and see if he/she is socializable. Sometimes just providing a safe indoor space, steady food and regular interaction will be enough to reveal the cat as very workable within a few weeks. Sometimes he will need a lot more time or we will decide to return him to his colony. Usually in this role, you would have the cat or kitten for about a month and then he would move to a regular foster home. We can help you with a large cage and supplies. Read more here about what is involved in being an Assessment Home with Annex Cat Rescue.
Apply to be an Assessment home

Before and after

Socialization and Medical Foster Homes

We urgently need foster parents with experience building trust again in shy, traumatized cats or working with cats with special behavioural or medical needs. These are the most critical types of foster homes we need.
Apply to be a Socialization or Medical Foster Home


We need drivers to help us transfer cats and kittens from vet clinics to fosters. If you can help with driving, PLEASE let us know as soon as possible – we are paying boarding charges for many kittens right now simply because we can’t find drivers, and their new foster parents can’t pick them up!
Apply to help with transporting cats and kittens.

Storage Volunteer

ACR is looking for an intrepid volunteer with space for storing essential donated goods, such as cat food (dry/canned), toys, beds, trees, carriers, medical supplies, bowls, water fountains, brushes, and clippers. The storage space must be indoors to avoid temperature changes and pests.

Background: Our In-Kind Donations team sorts through donation offers and  coordinates communication and drop off to the storage volunteer location.

Duties include:

  • Accept donations at your storage space.
  • Sort and organize donations.
  • Track items on a shared spreadsheet.
  • Respond to supply requests from foster parents, colony coordinators/feeders, and trappers. 
  • Arrange pick up days/times.

The storage volunteer is a crucial behind-the-scenes role, and an unbeatable way for someone with extra space to assist our organization and the sweet, vulnerable cats we serve.  If you have the space and time to help our cats and the volunteers who care for them, please be a part of our team.
Apply for the storage volunteer role.

Coordinators, if you need volunteers, please email the Volunteer Coordinator and it will appear here.

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