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 Adoption Screening Assisting with the Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) Program (1) Feral Feeding Finding new locations for donation boxes Fostering a cat in your home (2) Foster home - specializing in Socialization and Behaviour Evaluation (2) Foster home - specializing in Kitten Socialization (2) Copywriter Craftmaking (to support fundraising) Manning table at special event Fundraising/Grant Writing Photography (3) Postering Providing a recovery location for a recently spayed/neutered cat Transportation (1) Other

If you have selected "Other" above, please indicate your area of interest:

(1) If you are interested in helping with Trapping or Transport, you must have access to a vehicle.
(2) If you are interested in fostering, you will need to complete an additional questionnaire and agreement.
(3) You will need to have a digital camera and feel comfortable traveling to people's homes.

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 I understand that it is my responsibility to receive a Tetanus booster once every 10 years.


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