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Happy Tail: Cleo and Rudy

Cleo and Rudy, formerly known as Bunny and Squirrel, were found in a community member’s front lawn by Lizzy and Peter, two of the ACR’s ace trappers. They were two of six other kittens rescued on that day. Lizzy fostered the two of them for a short while before introducing the pair to Courtney.

Cleo and Rudy were adopted into the lovely home and have become family cats since. It wasn’t hard for Courtney and her family to fully welcome these two furballs into their home. Both cats have been very well socialized in the beginning, they never make messes and are comfortable in their own fur. 

Happy Tail: Cleo and Rudy

“Personally, they increased my happiness by 30 to 40 percent,” Courtney says. Not only did they increase happiness levels in the house, but they also taught the kids responsibility as well. They inspired Courtney to even make a chore wheel for taking care of the cats. The cats also provide emotional support by constantly wanting to be with the family. “The kids love them very much” Courtney says, “they’re constantly making toys for the cats.” 

Rudy is a beautiful orange cat named after the main character in the inspirational film Rudy for his impeccable fetching skills and bold character. Rudy loves to play fetch with spiraled pipe cleaners; he loves it so much so that Courtney wakes up with pipe cleaners at her feet almost every morning as a request for some play time.

His love for fetch and his playful nature would get him the nickname “Golden Labrador.” Rudy is also a very curious cat with a knack for adventure. His explorative nature leads him to climb up onto high surfaces – and eventually onto the roof. Him and Cleo would spend their time on the roof as the neighbors would walk past and laugh at the cats on the roof.

Cleo is a big sweetheart who loves to snuggle. Cleo’s pink nose and mesmerizing green eyes stuck out to Courtney initially but what really defines her face are the long black swooping outlines of her eyes, reminiscent of the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra.

She’s a little shyer than Rudy, but equally loveable. Cleo is very gentle and loves Courtney’s daughter Maggie. (Laughlin and Turner are the boys of the house). She loves to snuggle up against her and every time Maggie sings “You Are My Sunshine” to Cleo, Cleo always falls asleep. Cleo will also sometimes use soft and gentle songs to converse with her humans, as if they’re having a coherent conversation.

It has been a year and a half since Courtney adopted these two lovely cats and they are already a very important part of the family. Their large personalities have become a staple of Courtney’s household and they will continue to bring happiness to Courtney’s household.

-Lucy Chen

Happy Tail: Cleo and Rudy