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Happy Tail: Coco and Rio

For Abby and her boyfriend, moving into a house not only meant extra space – it meant they could finally open their home to a rescue cat, something they had been wanting to do for some time. “We were keen to give a home to an animal in need,” she says.

After expressing interest in two kittens profiled on the ACR website, a volunteer contacted Abby to provide some sound advice. “We had a call with an adoption advisor who suggested slightly older cats as we couldn’t be at home all day to look after kittens,” she says.

Rio (left) and Coco (right)

In light of this, Abby and her boyfriend decided to meet a bonded pair of cats named Coco and Rio at their foster home. Abby says it’s nice to adopt and care for two cats, if you’re able to accommodate them, as they definitely enjoy having a playmate. “We knew we wanted two cats because we thought they would have a more enjoyable life as a pair,” says Abby.

She was right. Coco acted as a protector to Rio when they were young, helping the smaller cat survive during the difficult period when they lived outside. As a result, Coco and Rio were, and still are, inseparable. The two cats made quite the first impression, with Abby and her boyfriend feeling immediately like they could not leave them behind. “Even though they were so shy, they just needed a loving home to bring them out of their shell,” she says.

Once in their new home, it did not take long for Coco and Rio’s confidence to build. While Coco is very affectionate and loves to be tickled, Rio is more wary but still finds a way to show his love to his chosen humans. “He joins us in bed every morning, singing for his food,” she says. The pair seem to love each other very much, play-fighting and chasing each other around the house, but also taking in tender moments like cleaning each other and snuggling.

One of the best parts about adopting a rescue cat is watching their progress. It’s a humbling experience to be part of a rescue cat’s journey as they build up trust in you and in their new home. Abby’s final thoughts for those considering adoption?

“I would say go for it! And don’t be put off by first impressions. We have enjoyed watching our cats go from being shy to being the loving pets they are today.”

-Jessica Pellerin

Rio V2