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Happy Tails: Nibbles

Nibbles’ story begins with him living in a colony with 10 other cats. April C, one of ACR’s most experienced trappers and a board member, caught and assessed them (and adopted one of Nibbles’ colony-mates, Pebbles). Luckily, Nibbles was caught just as winter was starting, so he did not have to endure another brutal Canadian season outdoors.

Hilary and her partner Alison were considering expanding their family by adopting a second cat. They had known about Annex Cat Rescue for quite some time, and their friend Madison, who used to volunteer with ACR, had recommended Nibbles to them. However, they weren’t sure how their 17-year-old cat Murphy would feel about it, so they decided to first foster Nibbles to see how Murphy would react.

When Nibbles first came to live with Hilary and Alison, he was understandably shy. They had set up a chair with a blanket over it and he would hide underneath. When they lifted the blanket they would find him there, standing perfectly still like a “little cat statue.” He slowly came out of his shell and really enjoyed being pet. According to Hilary, “he purrs like a motorboat.”

Nibbles and Hilary
Nibbles and Hilary get to know each other
Nibbles and Murphy
Nibbles, protector of Murphy, hard at work

Senior cat Murphy was surprised when she finally met Nibbles. Although he had been living in a separate room in her home for quite some time, she was oblivious to his presence. Hilary and Alison were hoping the cats would really get along. According to Alison, “Nibbles loves Murphy. He’s her protector. When we cut her nails, sometimes she lets out a fuss and he will come racing. She is less keen on him.”

But despite Murphy’s lukewarm feelings towards Nibbles, Hilary and Alison really love Nibbles and adopted him. “We got really lucky with him. He’s so sweet, he loves being around us,” says Hilary. Nibbles is described as being very affectionate, sweet and silly. He is a total softie with a massive purr.

Nibbles loves hard and he plays hard. He loves to run back and forth and has a tendency to tear up his toys, which his humans lovingly resew for him. He has come out of his shell a lot and become very social with his new family.

He enjoys spending time with his parents and big sister and takes his job of protecting Murphy seriously. When Murphy is napping, he will hang out close by. Thanks to April, Madison, Hilary and Alison, Nibbles is now in a loving home where he can protect those he loves and be loved and protected in return.

-Sandra Dania

Nibbles looking handsome
Nibbles looking handsome