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Happy Tail: Ribbon (formerly Rosa)

Flynn was ecstatic when he came across Ribbon’s profile on the Annex Cat Rescue website. With an older male cat in the household, Flynn was hoping to add a female companion. After scoping the website almost daily, he had come across a little tuxedo kitten that he knew was the one.

Ribbon (formerly Rosa) was fostered by Lisette, who described her as quite the feisty cat, hissing and clawing during their initial encounter. However, during the two months they spent together, Ribbon had unveiled her sweet side. “Ribbon’s true colours came out and she became totally comfortable with my whole family, even warming the hearts of our home cats, too,” Lisette recalls.

When Flynn first brought Ribbon home, her first instinct was to hide. Flynn decided to give her space to adjust to her new environment. He later awakened in the night, to find Ribbon nestled on the bed and fast asleep. Soon after, Ribbon had also warmed up to the male cat named Simms, where they’re often spotted playfully chasing each other back and forth.

Happy Tail: Ribbon (formerly Rosa)

Ribbon’s favourite activity is to play fetch. “About three times a day, she will come over to me, drop a small scrunchy ball by my feet, and then excitedly meow and purr,” Flynn says. Ribbon will enthusiastically run to catch the ball, and joyfully prompts Flynn for more rounds of fetch!

Now that Ribbon is all settled in, Flynn describes her as a loving cat. “Ribbon spends most of her days playing with toys, playing with her big uncle Simms, or comfortably coiled into a tight ball on the very seat I need to sit on at that moment,” Flynn jokes.

Ribbon’s cheerful nature also extends to visiting guests, where she enthusiastically greets visitors, and happily gets close to them.

-Justina Tran