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Happy Tail: Ruby (formerly Violet)

Ruby began her life living outside with her siblings and mother. Annex Cat Rescue volunteer Brenda was able to trap the whole family safely. The cats then made their way to the vet and onto foster homes to await their forever homes.

Foster parent Heather took in Ruby and her brother Raja, who stayed with her for about three months until they were adopted. In honour of her cat who passed away, Heather wanted to help out other cats.

Ruby 1

Ruby and Raja

Heather loved the experience of having the two kittens in her home. Although the kittens were very timid at first, within the first week they started to warm up. Ruby especially loved Heather’s two-year old daughter Naia.

While Raja was more rambunctious (he loved to climb on Heather’s screen door), Heather describes Ruby as being fairly quiet and gentle, with a soft meow. Ruby was also more social and trusting of strangers.

Amanda and her husband Rafael came to meet Raja and Ruby. Although they were totally smitten with both kittens, they only had space for one, so they adopted the seven-month-old Ruby (Raja would find his forever home shortly after).

Ruby is always following her human parents around, like a shadow. They work from home and she can be found either sitting on their desks or in front of a window. Ruby loves to “catch” raindrops and snowflakes that land on the windows. Ruby is very playful and plays fetch better than any dog Amanda has met! Her toy of choice is a string.

When Ruby is not busy protecting her home from precipitation or retrieving toys, she likes to cuddle up with Amanda and Rafael on the couch. In the mornings, Ruby likes to wake up her mom Amanda by chewing on her hair.

Amanda and Rafael recently moved to Canada, and one month after getting an apartment they adopted Ruby. They were eager to adopt a cat into their family and it looks like Ruby is just as happy to receive them as parents!

-Sandra Dania